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La Venexiana

Founded in 1997 by Claudio Cavina, La Venexiana is considered the reference ensemble for the seventeenth-century Italian repertoire.


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In an imaginary dialogue between "Claudio" and "Claudio", Cavina wrote to Monteverdi "Well, you know, I believe that no one like you has ever achieved such a perfect fusion between music and text, a union as inseparable as it is magical, I dare say erotic". Erotic is also the topic of the anonymous Renaissance comedy that gives the name to the group, La Venexiana, which has chosen as the goal and program of its musical and performative research what can be defined as the theatrical appeal, a lively and seductive communication with the public through words and music.

Venexiana was founded in 1997 by Claudio Cavina who led it with passion and dedication until 2016. From that year, due to serious health problems, Claudio stopped conducting the group. But he did not stop following and encouraging his musicians who today offer the public the musical experience gained with him in recent years and the strength of a new season.
The musical production shared over years of intense concert and recording activity is what has led the group to become an absolute reference in the panorama of vocal and instrumental performance between the Renaissance and Baroque, with unforgettable portraits of authors such as Luzzasco Luzzaschi, Sigismondo d' India, Luca Marenzio, Gesualdo da Venosa, and of course Claudio Monteverdi, with the Monteverdi Edition promoted by Glossa and recently celebrated with the re-edition of Orfeo (CHOC de Le Monde de la Musique, it is the First Choice of BBC Classical Music and Gramophone's Editor's Choice 2007, the GRAMOPHONE AWARD 2008 – Baroque Opera) and with a complete reprint of the madrigals (2017). And also the sacred and theatrical music of Scarlatti, Handel, Steffani, Cavalli, in interpretations that are never obvious, but rather restless and alive like their authors. The fundamental idea is that it is always better to take risks rather than remain lukewarm: this is the case of Round M, a recording project bringing together Monteverdi and Jazz, or the utopian and visionary project of making today's public listen to Arianna by Monteverdi (2016) again.

The Monteverdi trilogy in Schwetzingen, created by a single extraordinary vocal cast, capable of giving voice to the different characters present in Monteverdi's works in just a few days, transforming them into a single intense story,  has been a unique undertaking of its kind.
The feedback from the critics is rewarding this new season of the Venexiana musicians, and the public who enthusiastically participate in the concerts seems to share the same great passion and nostalgia with them.


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